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Exception Handling Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 19

Practice Exception Handling quiz questions and answers PDF, exception handling trivia questions PDF to solve app development worksheet 19 for online computer science degrees. Practice Advanced Topics in C# quiz questions and answers, exception handling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve c sharp test with answers for online information technology degree. Free exception handling MCQs, MCQs, just in time compiler and common intermediate language, structures, exception handling test prep for programming certifications.

"The statement which is not an Exception is", exception handling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices division by zero, stack overflow, insufficient memory, and incorrect arithmetic expression for information technology programs online. Learn advanced topics in c# questions and answers with free online certification courses for IT certifications.

Quiz on Exception Handling PDF Download eBook 19

Exception Handling Quiz

MCQ: The statement which is not an Exception is

  1. Stack Overflow
  2. Division By Zero
  3. Insufficient Memory
  4. Incorrect Arithmetic Expression


Exception Handling Quiz

MCQ: Select the statements which describe the correct usage of exception handling over conventional error handling approaches

  1. errors can be ignored but exceptions cannot be ignored
  2. Exception handling allows separation of program?s logic from error handling logic making software m
  3. try ? catch ? finally structure allows guaranteed cleanup in event of errors under all circumstances
  4. All of the above


Structures Quiz

MCQ: Choose the appropriate statement for the following code <br/> <code> struct Book { private String name; protected int totalpages; public Single price; public void Showdata() { Console.WriteLine(name + " " + totalpages + " " + price); } Book() { name = " "; totalpages = 0; price = 0.0f; } } Book b = new Book(); </code>

  1. We cannot declare the access modifier of totalpages as protected.
  2. We cannot define a zero-argument constructor inside a structure.
  3. We can define a Showdata() method inside a structure.
  4. All of the above


Just In Time compiler and Common Intermediate Language Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following languages compile the code to Common Intermediate Language(CIL) code as its first stage

  1. Assembly Language
  2. .NET languages
  3. PHP
  4. Java


Operators Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following are NOT Relational operators in C#

  1. >=
  2. !=
  3. <=
  4. NOT