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Domain Relational Calculus Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 26

Solve Domain Relational Calculus multiple choice questions and answers, domain relational calculus quiz answers PDF 26 to learn Database Management System course for college certification. Learn Relational Algebra and Calculus MCQ trivia questions, domain relational calculus Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Domain Relational Calculus MCQ PDF: introduction to disk storage, weak entity types, single level order indexes, sql data definition and types, domain relational calculus test prep for computer software engineer.

"In the relational calculus, the variables are bounded with the help of", domain relational calculus Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices non-quantifiers, non-identifiers, quantifiers, and identifiers for computer science programs. Solve relational algebra and calculus questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for cheapest online computer science degree.

Domain Relational Calculus Questions and Answers MCQs


In the relational calculus, the variables are bounded with the help of



In the SQL environment, the collection of schemas is classified as

value set


In the data file, the first record of any of the block is called

anchor record
dense record
non dense record
none of above


The weak entities and their identifying relationship in the ER diagrams are represented by

oval shape with double line
rectangle shape with double line
square shape with double line
diamond shape with double line


The memory which loses contents because of power cut is classified as

volatile memory
non volatile memory
random access memory
tertiary memory

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