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Switch Statement Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 10

Practice Switch Statement quiz questions and answers PDF, switch statement trivia questions PDF to solve app development worksheet 10 for online computer science degrees. Practice Flow Control quiz questions and answers, switch statement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve c sharp test with answers for online information technology degree. Free switch statement MCQs, MCQs, string, object oriented programming, looping, functions, switch statement test prep for programming certifications.

"A switch statement can have", switch statement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices single iteration, multiple iterations, it is illegal for the flow of execution to execute a case after executing one case successfully, and it always does multiple iterations for online undergraduate computer science degree. Learn flow control questions and answers with free online certification courses for IT certifications.

Quiz on Switch Statement PDF Download eBook 10

Switch Statement Quiz

MCQ: A switch statement can have

  1. Multiple iterations
  2. Single iteration
  3. It is illegal for the flow of execution to execute a case after executing one case successfully
  4. It always does multiple iterations


Functions Quiz

MCQ: The properties of a parameter array are

  1. Parameter arrays can be a useful way to simplify your code
  2. you don?t have to pass arrays from your calling code.
  3. you pass several parameters of the same type, which are placed in an array you can use from within y
  4. All of the above


Looping Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following are used for interrupting loops

  1. break
  2. a, c and d
  3. continue
  4. goto/rteurn


Object Oriented Programming Quiz

MCQ: When a class serves as base class for many derived classes, the situation is called

  1. polymorphism
  2. hierarchical inheritance
  3. hybrid inheritance
  4. multipath inheritance


String Quiz

MCQ: To perform comparison operation on strings supported operations are

  1. Compare()
  2. Equals()
  3. Assignment '==' operator
  4. All of the above