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Internal Controls Accounting MCQ with Answers PDF

Internal Controls Accounting Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Internal Controls Accounting quiz answers PDF with cost accounting career tests for online courses. Practice master budget and responsibility accounting Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Internal Controls Accounting quiz questions for online business administration and management degree. Internal Controls Accounting MCQ PDF: responsibility and controllability, budgets and budgeting cycle test prep for accredited online schools for business management.

"The budgeted income statement and the supporting budget schedules are categorized under" MCQ PDF on internal controls accounting with choices focused statement, slack statement, budgeted income statement, and operating budget for online business administration and management degree. Practice internal controls accounting quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for bachelor's degree in business.

MCQs on Internal Controls Accounting Quiz

MCQ: The budgeted income statement and the supporting budget schedules are categorized under

focused statement
slack statement
budgeted income statement
operating budget

MCQ: The practice, which makes target more achievable by underestimating revenues or overestimating cost is called

cost slack
target slack
budgetary slack
revenue slack

MCQ: The better administration of budget in budgeting plans require

intelligent interpretations
all of above

MCQ: The compelling strategic plan, promoting coordination and providing framework of performance are

advantages of budget
disadvantages of budget
advantages of costing method
disadvantages of costing method

MCQ: The master budget includes all the projections of company's budget and focuses on

serial correlation
marketing plan
financial plan
both B and C

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