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Skewness and Skewed Distribution MCQ with Answers PDF

Skewness and Skewed Distribution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Skewness and Skewed Distribution quiz answers PDF with business statistics career tests for online courses. Practice skewness, kurtosis and moments Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Skewness and Skewed Distribution quiz questions for colleges that offer business administration. Skewness and Skewed Distribution MCQ PDF: statistical measures, skewness and skewed distribution, calculating moments, relative measure of skewness test prep for grad cert business administration.

"The measurement techniques used to measure the extent of skewness in data set values are called" MCQ PDF on skewness and skewed distribution with choices measure of distribution width, measure of median tail, measure of tail distribution, and measure of skewness for colleges that offer business administration. Practice skewness and skewed distribution quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for business administration bachelor degree online.

MCQs on Skewness and Skewed Distribution Quiz

MCQ: The measurement techniques used to measure the extent of skewness in data set values are called

measure of distribution width
measure of median tail
measure of tail distribution
measure of skewness

MCQ: The frequency distribution is considered as negatively skewed if all the values of distribution moves to

lower tail
median tail
variance tail
upper tail

MCQ: The frequency distribution is considered as positively skewed if all the values of distribution moves to

variance tail
upper tail
lower tail
median tail

MCQ: As compared to measures of variation, the measure of skewness is used to understand concentration of

values around mean
upper tail only
lower tail only
median coefficients

MCQ: If all the values move towards one tail of a distribution then this scenario results in

width of distribution
height of distribution
lengthening the tail
shortening the tail

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