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Digestion and Absorption Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 357

The e-Book Digestion and Absorption Quiz Questions, digestion and absorption quiz answers PDF download chapter 15-357 to study online biology degree courses. Practice Nutrition MCQ with answers PDF, digestion and absorption Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Digestion and Absorption Quiz App Download: Free learning app for digestion and absorption, animals: growth and development, coordination in animals test prep for SAT practice test.

The Quiz Folds of ileum in the shape of finger-like outgrowths are called: lumen, microvillus, villi and cilia with "Digestion & Absorption" App Download (Free) for ACT test. Solve nutrition questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for SAT test.

Digestion & Absorption Quiz Answers PDF Download: Test 357

MCQ 1781: The folds of ileum in the shape of finger-like outgrowths are called

A) microvillus
B) lumen
C) villi
D) cilia

MCQ 1782: If sea urchin egg at the two-cell stage is shaking to separate the two cells, they both

A) die
B) develop into normal larvae
C) grow abnormally
D) develop into abnormal larvae

MCQ 1783: Reflex movement of eyes is controlled by

A) forebrain
B) midbrain
C) hindbrain
D) future brain

MCQ 1784: The shape of the pituitary gland is

A) circle
B) square
C) triangular
D) ovoid

MCQ 1785: Bats and hummingbirds belong to which group?

A) endotherms
B) ectotherms
C) heterotherms
D) hypotherms

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