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The e-Book Human skeleton Quiz Questions and Answers, human skeleton MCQ questions PDF chapter 20-204 to download online courses, college biology tests. Solve What is Homeostasis MCQ questions, human skeleton Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Human skeleton Tests" App Download: human skeleton, structure of proteins, grade radiata, classification kingdom plantae, coordination in animals test prep for college entrance exams.

The MCQ Quiz "Cranium consists of 8 bones in which" PDF, Human skeleton App APK Download with 4 unpaired, 2 paired, 2 unpaired, 4 paired, 2 unpaired, 3 paired, and 6 unpaired,1 paired choices for completely online college. Study what is homeostasis questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for best online colleges for teaching degree.

Biology: Human skeleton MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Cranium consists of 8 bones in which

A) 2 unpaired, 4 paired
B) 4 unpaired, 2 paired
C) 2 unpaired, 3 paired
D) 6 unpaired,1 paired

MCQ: The molecules which have one or more polypeptide chains in the form of fibrils are called

A) Fibrous proteins
B) globular proteins
C) Glandular Tissue
D) complex proteins

MCQ: The exoskeleton of colonial coelenterates take lime from

A) river
B) sea
C) pond
D) waterfall

MCQ: Gametophyte doesn't undergo reshuffling of genes because gametes are produced by

A) division
B) mitosis
C) meiosis
D) conjugation

MCQ: The no. of lobes of the pituitary gland is

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

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