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Long-Term Credit Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 30

Long-Term Credit MCQ questions and answers, long-term credit worksheets with answers PDF 30 to practice Business Commerce exam questions for online classes. Practice Consumer Credit MCQ questions, long-term credit Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Long-Term Credit Interview Questions PDF: debit note, long-term credit test prep for online degrees.

"The payment done by finance house to retailer includes" MCQ PDF with choices commission, tax, profit, and interest rate for online classes business administration. Learn consumer credit questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online business administration degree classes.

Trivia Quiz on Long-Term Credit MCQs

MCQ: The payment done by finance house to retailer includes

interest rate

MCQ: If any mistake occurs in debit note the firm send a note to rectify the mistake by sending

credit note
invoice note
advice note
delivery note

MCQ: The good becomes the property of buyer after

first installment

MCQ: Retail firm may act as a agent in

finance house
super market

MCQ: It is the law of farmers to sell the crops directly to

marketing board
whole sale