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Present Value of Annuity Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 66

Practice Present Value of Annuity trivia questions and answers, present value of annuity quiz answers PDF to solve finance mock test 66 for online degrees. Practice "Basics of Capital Budgeting Evaluating Cash Flows" trivia questions and answers, present value of annuity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve finance test with answers for online finance degree. Free present value of annuity MCQs, semiannual coupons bonds, npv and irr formula, profitability index, stand alone risks, present value of annuity test prep for online classes for bachelor's degree in business administration.

"In capital budgeting, a negative net present value results in", present value of annuity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices percent economic value added, zero economic value added, negative economic value added, and positive economic value added for online schools for business degrees. Learn basics of capital budgeting evaluating cash flows questions and answers with free online certification courses for business management classes online.

Trivia Quiz on Present Value of Annuity PDF Download eBook

Present Value of Annuity Quiz

MCQ: In capital budgeting, a negative net present value results in

  1. zero economic value added
  2. percent economic value added
  3. negative economic value added
  4. positive economic value added


Stand Alone Risks Quiz

MCQ: According to probability distribution of rates of return, a close outcome to an expected value is shown by

  1. value distribution
  2. expected distribution
  3. more peaked distribution
  4. less peaked distribution


Profitability Index Quiz

MCQ: The number of years forecasted to recover an original investment is classified as

  1. payback period
  2. forecasted period
  3. original period
  4. investment period


NPV and IRR Formula Quiz

MCQ: In capital budgeting, the term of bond which has great sensitivity to interest rates is

  1. long-term bonds
  2. short-term bonds
  3. internal term bonds
  4. external term bonds


Semiannual Coupons Bonds Quiz

MCQ: An average inflation rate which is expected over the life of security is classified as

  1. inflation premium
  2. off season premium
  3. nominal premium
  4. required premium