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Applied Physics: Vectors Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 96

Applied Physics Vectors interview questions and answers, applied physics vectors trivia questions PDF 96 to practice Applied Physics exam questions for online classes. Practice Vector and Equilibrium MCQ questions, applied physics vectors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Applied Physics: Vectors Interview Questions: rectification, electromagnetism, physics equations, si units in physics, applied physics: vectors test prep for online college classes.

"Operation of drawing representative line between two vectors in such a way that tail of one vector coincides with the head of other vector is called" MCQ PDF with choices vector subtraction, vector addition, vector division, and vector multiplication for college entrance exams. Learn vector and equilibrium questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best SAT prep courses online.

Trivia Quiz on Applied Physics: Vectors MCQs

MCQ: Operation of drawing representative line between two vectors in such a way that tail of one vector coincides with the head of other vector is called

vector addition
vector subtraction
vector division
vector multiplication

MCQ: "Candela", according to the system international is a

base unit
derived unit
supplementary unit
international unit

MCQ: If a body has 200 kg mass and its velocity gets reduced from 25 m s-1 to 20 m s-1 in 4 seconds, average retarding force on a body will be

−200 N
200 N
−250 N
250 N

MCQ: Torque of the couple is given by ILB × a, in which a is a/an

moment arm
moment of inertia

MCQ: In half-wave rectification, during negative cycle of the wave, the diode is

reverse biased
forward biased
potential barrier
both a and b

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