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EMF and Potential Difference Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 19

EMF and Potential Difference quiz questions and answers, emf and potential difference MCQ with answers PDF 19 to solve Applied Physics mock tests for online college programs. Solve Current Electricity trivia questions, emf and potential difference Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. EMF and Potential Difference Quiz PDF: solving physics problem, force on moving charge, projectile motion, communication satellites, emf and potential difference test prep for online colleges for science.

"EMF is an abbreviation of" MCQ PDF with choices electrical motive force, electromotive force, electronic motive force, and both a and b for colleges that offer online courses. Practice current electricity questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accredited online college courses.

Quiz on EMF & Potential Difference MCQs

MCQ: EMF is an abbreviation of

electromotive force
electrical motive force
electronic motive force
both a and b

MCQ: A satellite covers the longitude of the earth up to


MCQ: Height of projectile is given by the formula

2as = Vf² - Vi²
2 = Vf² - Vi²
2s = Vf² - Vi²
2a = Vf² - Vi²

MCQ: When charged particle is projected opposite to the direction of magnetic field, it experiences force equal to

qvB × cosθ
qvB × sinθ

MCQ: Dimensions of the coefficient of viscosity is


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