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The Book Energy in Physics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, Energy in Physics MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online physics degree courses. Study Applied Physics: Work and Energy Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Energy in Physics quiz answers PDF for colleges that offer online courses. The eBook Energy in Physics MCQ App Download: conservation of energy, applied physics: energy, power in physics test prep for online colleges for science.

The MCQ: The capacity of the body to do the work is known as PDF, "Energy in Physics" App Download (Free) with distance, energy, work done, and force choices for colleges that offer online courses. Practice energy in physics quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for accredited online college courses.

Physics MCQs: Energy in Physics Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The capacity of the body to do the work is known as

A) distance
B) energy
C) work done
D) force

MCQ: Energy in all fossil fuels of Earth is less than the energy coming from the sunlight in

A) 5days
B) 10days
C) 15days
D) 20days

MCQ: Work that is done to make a car is about

A) 7 × 109 J
B) 8 × 109 J
C) 8.8 × 109 J
D) 9 × 109 J

MCQ: Energy of a body is of the form known as

A) kinetic energy
B) potential energy
C) physical energy
D) both a and b

MCQ: Basic forms of energy of a body are of

A) 2 types
B) 3 types
C) 4 types
D) 5 types

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