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First Degree Equations MCQ Quiz PDF Download

The Book First Degree Equations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF, First Degree Equations MCQs download to study online business mathematics courses. Practice Introduction to Applied Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), First Degree Equations quiz answers PDF for online BBA business administration. The eBook First Degree Equations MCQ App Download: second degree equation in one variable, first degree equations in one variable, first degree equations test prep for online business administration and management degree.

The MCQ: The first degree equation with one variable '3(x-3) = 2(x+4)' if solved for x then the value of variable is PDF, First Degree Equations App Download (Free) with −12, 12, 15, and −15 choices for online BBA business administration. Study first degree equations quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online schools for business management degrees.

Mathematics: First Degree Equations MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: The first degree equation with one variable '3(x-3) = 2(x+4)' if solved for x then the value of variable is

A) −12
B) 12
C) 15
D) −15

MCQ: The value of 'y' in equation '3y-10 = 22-5y' is equal to zero is said to be its

A) solution of equation
B) degree of equation
C) roots of equation
D) not root of equation

MCQ: The values of variables that make the equation true are classified as

A) roots of equation
B) value of equation
C) solution of equation
D) degree of equation

MCQ: The equation solved roots which are not actual roots of original equation are classified as

A) extrinsic roots
B) intrinsic roots
C) extraneous roots
D) false roots

MCQ: The mathematical expression '3y-10 = 22-5y' is an example of

A) one degree equation
B) two degree equation
C) equation
D) in-equation

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