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Dual Simplex Method MCQ with Answers PDF

Dual Simplex Method Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Dual Simplex Method quiz answers PDF with business mathematics career tests for online courses. Practice simplex and computer solution method Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Dual Simplex Method quiz questions for online business management classes. Dual Simplex Method MCQ PDF: simplex computer solutions, simplex preliminaries, dual simplex method test prep for online schools for business management degrees.

"The right hand side constant in the i<sup>th constraint in primal must be equal to objective coefficient for" MCQ PDF on dual simplex method with choices j<sup>th</sup> primal variable, i<sup>th</sup> dual variable, i<sup>th</sup> primal variable, and j<sup>th</sup> dual variable for online business management classes. Practice dual simplex method quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free online classes.

MCQs on Dual Simplex Method Quiz

MCQ: The right hand side constant in the ith constraint in primal must be equal to objective coefficient for

jth primal variable
ith dual variable
ith primal variable
jth dual variable

MCQ: In linear programming, the related problems in linear programming are classified as

dual variables
single problems
double problems
dual problems

MCQ: The dual problem statement is formulated with the help of information available in another statement called

primal problem
prime problem
optimal problem
primal constants

MCQ: The variable in dual problem which can assume the negative values, positive values or zero values is classified as

unrestricted constant
restricted constant
restricted variable
unrestricted variable

MCQ: In primal-dual solutions, the dual problem solution can be obtained by solving other problems classified as

unrestricted problem
original problem
double problem
restricted problem

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