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Kinship of Anthropology Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download 85

Practice Kinship of Anthropology quiz questions and answers, kinship of anthropology MCQs with answers PDF to solve basic anthropology worksheet 85 for online graduate programs. Practice "Kinship" quiz questions with answers, kinship of anthropology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to learn online certificate courses. Free kinship of anthropology MCQs, research methodology, kinship of anthropology test prep for online certificate programs.

"People related by marriage are called", kinship of anthropology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices relatives., kindred, consanguine, and affine for best online colleges. Learn kinship questions and answers with free online certification courses for online undergraduate degree.

Quiz on Kinship of Anthropology PDF Download 85

Kinship of Anthropology Quiz

MCQ: People related by marriage are called

  1. kindred
  2. Relatives.
  3. Consanguine
  4. Affine


Research Methodology Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following best describe how anthropologists primarily learn new information about humans?

  1. Field work
  2. laboratory experiments
  3. reading travelers accounts
  4. None of these


Social Anthropology Quiz

MCQ: Penology is the study of

  1. Studies of social structure
  2. Study of Punishments
  3. Alternative methods of social control
  4. None of these


Research Methodology Quiz

MCQ: The systematic, theoretical analysis is

  1. Office work
  2. field of study
  3. Class work
  4. Technical


Social Anthropology Quiz

MCQ: The most common social group pattern among semi-terrestrial non-human primates is

  1. Monogamous
  2. Fission-fusion
  3. Multimale-multifemale
  4. None of these