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The Book Research Methodology Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, research methodology quiz with answers, test 25 to study online Anthropology Basics course. Practice Research Methodology Trivia Questions PDF, research methodology Test for online classes. The eBook Research Methodology Quiz App Download: ecological anthropology, cultural anthropology, research methodology test prep for online masters programs.

The Quiz: Social Structure of a society is the network of PDF, Research Methodology App APK (Free) with value system, institutional relations, traditions, and compliance to norms choices for bachelor degree online in 2 years. Solve research methodology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accelerated bachelors degree online.

Anthropology: Research Methodology Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Social Structure of a society is the network of

A) Institutional relations
B) Value System
C) Traditions
D) Compliance to Norms

MCQ: Culture of poverty was a term originally used by Oscar Lewis in

A) 1955
B) 1977
C) 1944
D) 1966

MCQ: An Ecological anthropology is the study of

A) Animal science
B) Human beings
C) Environmental science
D) None of these

MCQ: Research methodology is the method of

A) Collecting data
B) study
C) lecture
D) presentation

MCQ: Agriculture usually refers to

A) Manage food
B) Plantation
C) Human activities
D) None of these

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