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Chapter 5: IGCSE A Level Biology Exam Tests

IGCSE A Level Biology MCQs - Chapter 5

Ecology Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 3

The Ecology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with Answers PDF, Ecology MCQ PDF Download e-Book Ch. 5-3 to learn IGCSE A Level Biology Course. Solve Epidemics in Ecosystem Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Ecology quiz answers PDF to study online classes courses. The Ecology MCQ App Download: Free educational app for ecology career test for schools that offer online degrees.

The MCQ: If malaria is not treated, outcomes could include;; "Ecology" App (Android & iOS) with answers: Anemia only; Death only; Heart failure; Death and anemia; to study online classes courses. Practice Variety of life Quiz Questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for two year online colleges.

Ecology Exam Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 3

MCQ 11: If malaria is not treated, outcomes could include

  1. death only
  2. anemia only
  3. heart failure
  4. death and anemia

MCQ 12: An energy pyramid is broader at base and narrower at the apex, as the energy

  1. increases along the food chain
  2. decreases along the food chain
  3. remains same along the food chain
  4. may increase or decrease along the food chain

MCQ 13: Interaction of living things and non-living things is known as

  1. ecological niche
  2. ecological community
  3. ecosystem
  4. ecology

MCQ 14: Evolutionary changes help in producing new

  1. individuals
  2. communities
  3. species
  4. plants

MCQ 15: Any part of the Earth where life can exist is known as

  1. populations
  2. community
  3. ecosystem
  4. biosphere

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Ecology App (Android & iOS)

Ecology App (Android & iOS)

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A level Biology App (iOS & Android)

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Cell Biology App (Android & iOS)

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