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Report Writing Mock Test for Exam PDF Download - 60

Learn Report Writing mock test for exam, report writing MCQ with answers PDF to practice technical writing worksheet 60 for online certification exam. Practice "Reports Trivia Questions" and answers, report writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free report writing MCQs, online help and websites, audience involvement, report writing test prep for best online colleges.

"The largest section of report in technical writing, termed as:", report writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices discussion, conclusion/recommendation, heading, and footing for online bachelor's degree.

Trivia Quiz on Report Writing PDF Download 60

Report Writing Quiz

MCQ: Largest section of report in technical writing, termed as:

  1. conclusion/recommendation
  2. discussion
  3. heading
  4. footing


Audience Involvement Quiz

MCQ: We, us and our are examples of;

  1. contractions
  2. pronoun usage
  3. name usage
  4. noun


Report Writing Quiz

MCQ: Generally, a longer report is considered to be as;

  1. one to five pages
  2. three to five pages
  3. four to five pages
  4. All of above


Online Help and Websites Quiz

MCQ: Last step of writing an effective website, involved in;

  1. error correction
  2. testing the website
  3. enhancing tone
  4. overviewing


PreWriting Quiz

MCQ: If goal of writing is to direct an action or activity, it is he resulting communication is known as:

  1. communicating to instruct
  2. communicating to inform
  3. communicating to persuade
  4. communicating to develop interaction