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Superclass Agnatha MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The e-Book Superclass Agnatha Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Superclass Agnatha quiz answers PDF to study online courses, phylum tests. Practice Fishes: Vertebrate Success in Water Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Superclass Agnatha quiz questions for colleges that offer certificate programs. The e-Book "Superclass Agnatha MCQ" App Download: class chondrichthyes, elasmobranchii and holocephali, superclass agnatha, class osteichthyes: subclass sarcopterygii and actinopterygii test prep for online colleges.

The MCQ "Members of the class myxini feed on the" PDF, Superclass Agnatha App Download (Free) with plants, vertebrates, soft-bodied animals, and snails choices for colleges that offer certificate programs. Study superclass agnatha quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online university courses.

Phylum: Superclass Agnatha MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Members of the class myxini feed on the

A) plants
B) vertebrates
C) soft-bodied animals
D) snails

MCQ: Members of the genus lampetra are called

A) lancelets
B) brook lamprey
C) hagfishes
D) hedgehog

MCQ: Lampreys have salivary glands with anticoagulants, feed on

A) blood
B) vegetation
C) dead organisms
D) fungi

MCQ: The member of the class myxini are

A) hagfishes
B) ostraccoderms
C) agnathans
D) urochords

MCQ: The member of the agnatha lacks

A) teeth
B) jaws
C) gills
D) lungs

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