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Phylum Arthropoda Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 38

Practice Phylum arthropoda trivia questions and answers PDF, phylum arthropoda quiz answers to learn biological science worksheet 38 for online past papers exam. Practice "Arthropods Blueprints for Success" quiz with answers, phylum arthropoda Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for biological science. Free phylum arthropoda MCQs, superclass gnathostomata, subphylum crustacea: class copepoda, molluscan characteristics, phylum nematoda, phylum arthropoda test prep for online bachelor's degree.

"Epicuticle is made up of", phylum arthropoda Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices wax, proteins, waxy lipoprotein, and carbohydrates to learn online certificate courses. Learn arthropods blueprints for success questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer online degrees.

Quizzes on Phylum Arthropoda PDF Download eBook 38

Phylum Arthropoda Quiz

MCQ: Epicuticle is made up of

  1. proteins
  2. wax
  3. waxy lipoprotein
  4. carbohydrates


Phylum Nematoda Quiz

MCQ: A chemoreceptor and anterior depression in cuticle, composed of modified cilia is called

  1. amphids
  2. phasmids
  3. plasmids
  4. vectors


Molluscan Characteristics Quiz

MCQ: Sometimes deuterostomes have a kidney bean-shaped larva known as

  1. trochophore
  2. dipleurula
  3. tadpole
  4. Muller's larva


Subphylum Crustacea: Class Copepoda Quiz

MCQ: Mode of feeding in copepods is

  1. predatory
  2. parasitic
  3. commensalism
  4. all of above


Superclass Gnathostomata Quiz

MCQ: In Gnathostomata, notochord is replaced by

  1. vertebral column
  2. lungs
  3. heart
  4. glands