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Phylum Nemertea Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 68

Practice Phylum nemertea trivia questions and answers PDF, phylum nemertea quiz answers to learn biological science worksheet 68 for online past papers exam. Solve Triploblastic and Acoelomate Body Plan quiz with answers, phylum nemertea Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for biological science. Free phylum nemertea MCQs, phylum kinorhyncha, general characteristics of echinoderms, class aves: general characteristics, phylum acanthocephala, phylum nemertea test prep for online bachelor degree programs.

"The member of the phylum Nemertea have a long proboscis and are commonly called as", phylum nemertea Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices flat worm, nemertea, fluke worm, and proboscis for online college courses. Learn triploblastic and acoelomate body plan questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for schools that offer certificate programs.

Quizzes on Phylum Nemertea PDF Download eBook 68

Phylum Nemertea Quiz

MCQ: Member of phylum Nemertea have a long proboscis and are commonly called as

  1. Nemertea
  2. flat worm
  3. fluke worm
  4. proboscis


Phylum Acanthocephala Quiz

MCQ: Acanthocephalans have poorly developed

  1. respiratory structures
  2. reproductive structures
  3. sensory organs
  4. digestive system


Class Aves: General Characteristics Quiz

MCQ: Largest muscle in birds

  1. cardiac muscle
  2. flight muscle
  3. smooth muscle
  4. skin muscle


General Characteristics of Echinoderms Quiz

MCQ: Adult echinoderm has

  1. pentaradial symmetry
  2. bilateral symmetry
  3. lateral symmetry
  4. radial symmetry


Phylum Kinorhyncha Quiz

MCQ: Plates which are present in neck region of kinorhynch, named as

  1. scalids
  2. placids
  3. zonite
  4. segments