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The Book Mechanism of Action Quiz Questions, mechanism of action MCQ with answers PDF chapter 16-64 to study online courses, microbiology tests. Practice Vaccines, Antimicrobial and Drugs Mechanism trivia questions, Mechanism of Action Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Mechanism of Action MCQ App Download: medically important viruses classification, clinical virology, human pathogenic bacteria, clinical bacteriology, mechanism of action test prep for online university courses.

The Quiz: Most cephalosporins are products derived from molds of the genus PDF, "Mechanism of Action" App Download (Free) with cephalosporium, streptomyces, actinomycetes, and algae choices for colleges and universities exams. Solve vaccines, antimicrobial and drugs mechanism questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for accelerated online degrees.

Microbiology: Mechanism of Action Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Most cephalosporins are products derived from molds of the genus

A) Streptomyces
B) Cephalosporium
C) Actinomycetes
D) Algae

MCQ: The process of killing or removal of microorganism is known as

A) Sterilization
B) Pasteurization
C) Disinfectant
D) Destruction

MCQ: Syphilis is caused by

A) Borrelia
B) Treponema
C) Leptosira
D) Mycolasma

MCQ: The leading cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis in infants is

A) Respiratory syncytial virus
B) Parvovirus B19
C) Hepatitis B virus
D) Influenza virus

MCQ: The diameter of herpesviruses is

A) 75 nm
B) 100 nm
C) 55 nm
D) 23 nm

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