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Basic Bacteriology Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 11

Practice Basic bacteriology trivia questions and answers PDF, basic bacteriology quiz answers to learn microbiology worksheet 11 for online graduate programs. Practice "Structure of Bacterial Cells" quiz with answers, basic bacteriology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for microbiology. Free basic bacteriology MCQs, bacterial structure, defenses mechanisms, bacterial genetics, replication in viruses, basic bacteriology test prep for accelerated online degrees.

"The gap between the outer membrane and plasma membrane is named as", basic bacteriology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices metaderm, mesoderm, plasma, and periplasma for online masters programs. Learn structure of bacterial cells questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges and universities exams.

Quizzes on Basic Bacteriology PDF Download eBook 11

Basic Bacteriology Quiz

MCQ: Gap between outer membrane and plasma membrane is named as

  1. Mesoderm
  2. Metaderm
  3. Plasma
  4. Periplasma


Replication in Viruses Quiz

MCQ: Segment of RNA that have both negative and positive polarity regions is known as

  1. Neutral
  2. Dipolar
  3. Monopolar
  4. Ambisense


Bacterial Genetics Quiz

MCQ: If a base replaces by another base pair sequence mutation resulting replacement is known as

  1. Alternation
  2. Substitution
  3. Missense
  4. Nonsense


Defenses Mechanisms Quiz

MCQ: An important mediator of pain is

  1. Histamine
  2. Bradykinin
  3. Prostaglandin
  4. Chemokines


Bacterial Structure Quiz

MCQ: Circular double-stranded and extrachromosomal DNA can replicate independently of bacterial chromosome called

  1. Plasmid
  2. Cosmic
  3. Vector
  4. Template