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Learn Mycology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Mycology quiz answers PDF to study microbiology online course for microbiology classes. Basic Mycology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Mycology quiz questions for bachelor degree online in 2 years. "Mycology MCQ" PDF Book: systemic mycoses, opportunistic mycoses, mycology test prep for free online college classes.

"The causative agent for the ringworm is" MCQ PDF: mycology with choices epidermatophyton, tinea nigra, mycetoma, and histoplasma for bachelor degree online in 2 years. Study mycology quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online degrees.

MCQs on Mycology Quiz

MCQ: The causative agent for the ringworm is

Tinea nigra

MCQ: Dermatophytosis is commonly known as

Nails infection
Skin rash
Skin infection

MCQ: The infection of the keratinized layer of the skin is called

Tinea versicolor
Tinea nigra

MCQ: A dermal infection especially caused by the dermophytes is called

Skin infection
Dermal infection
Fungal infection

MCQ: The causative agent for the Tinea nigra is

Cladosporium werneckii
Malassezia furfur