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Bacterial Growth Cycle MCQ with Answers PDF

Bacterial Growth Cycle Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Bacterial Growth Cycle quiz answers PDF with microbiology live worksheets for online degrees. Solve growth of bacterial cells Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Bacterial Growth Cycle quiz questions for bachelor degree online in 2 years. Bacterial Growth Cycle MCQ PDF: growth of bacterial cells test prep for online college classes.

"The phase of bacterial growth in which the bacterial parent cell does not divide but the metabolic activity is vigorous named as" MCQ PDF on bacterial growth cycle with choices log phase, lag phase, stationary phase, and death phase for bachelor degree online in 2 years. Solve bacterial growth cycle quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

MCQs on Bacterial Growth Cycle Quiz

MCQ: The phase of bacterial growth in which the bacterial parent cell does not divide but the metabolic activity is vigorous named as

Log phase
Lag phase
Stationary phase
Death phase

MCQ: The minimum time for doubling of E. Coli generation is approximately

I hour
30 minutes
40 minutes
20 minutes

MCQ: Mycobacterium tuberculosis doubles their generation in a calculated time interval of

20 hours
20 minutes
24 hours
36 hours

MCQ: In bacterial growth, the growth rate slowed down due to toxic products or depletion of nutrients the resulting phase is known as

Lag phase
Log phase
Stationary phase
Death phase

MCQ: In the death phase, there is a remarkable decrease in the number of

Viable bacteria
Dividing bacteria

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