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Free Metal pollution Quiz Questions, metal pollution quiz answers PDF download chapter 2-57 to study online marine pollution degree courses. Practice Inorganic Pollutants MCQ with answers PDF, Metal pollution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Free learning app: Metal pollution Quiz App Download & e-Book for inorganic nutrients and eutrophication, noise pollution, dna modification, nitrogen cycle in marine environment, metal pollution test prep for online graduate programs.

The Quiz: Rivers are recognized as the another way, metals ending up in the;; "Metal pollution" App Download (Free) with answers ponds, oceans, lakes and streams to study online master degree courses. Solve inorganic pollutants questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online bachelor degree programs.

Metal pollution Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 57

MCQ 281: Rivers are recognized as the another way, metals ending up in the;

A) Oceans
B) Ponds
C) Lakes
D) Streams

MCQ 282: Almost, 50% of the N2 gas produced in the oceans, emerged from;

A) Anammox process
B) Photosynthesis
C) Eutrophication
D) Desertification

MCQ 283: The pollutants that interfere with the structure of DNA is known as:

A) Bio markers
B) Bioventing
C) Geno toxic compounds
D) Biomes

MCQ 284: The unit of sound is denoted as:

A) m
B) km
C) mm
D) Pascal

MCQ 285: Nitrobacteria converts the nitrites into nitrates, such a process is known as:

A) Nitrogen gas
B) Nitrogen fixation
C) Ammonification
D) Nitrification

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