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Measuring Pollution Worksheet with Answers PDF Download - 33

Learn Measuring Pollution worksheet with answers PDF, measuring pollution MCQ with answers PDF to practice marine pollution, online marine pollution worksheet 33 for online master's programs. Practice How to measure Pollution trivia questions and answers, measuring pollution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for environmental science. Free measuring pollution MCQs, fate of spilled oil, ships, deep sea mining, biomarkers, measuring pollution test prep for online undergraduate degree.

"The extent to which a pollutant exists in a form, accessible by the living tissues, known as:", measuring pollution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices bioavailability, bioventing, biodegradation, and biodiversity for online degrees.

Trivia Quiz on Measuring Pollution PDF Download 33

Measuring Pollution Quiz

MCQ: Extent to which a pollutant exists in a form, accessible by living tissues, known as:

  1. Bioventing
  2. Bioavailability
  3. Biodegradation
  4. Biodiversity


Biomarkers Quiz

MCQ: In detoxification, pollutant enters living cells through;

  1. Reduction and Oxidation
  2. Chemical reactions
  3. Degradation
  4. small pores


Deep Sea Mining Quiz

MCQ: Digging up parts of sea floor, causes disturbance in the;

  1. Benthic Ecosystem
  2. Biomes
  3. Forests
  4. land


Ships Quiz

MCQ: A grey water is produced in kitchens and showers of;

  1. Ships
  2. Bus
  3. cars
  4. Bikes


Fate of Spilled Oil Quiz

MCQ: Hexanol, toluene, dioctylphthalate and xylene tend to;

  1. Float
  2. Evaporate
  3. Dissolved
  4. Mixed