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Cytoskeleton Mock Test for Exam PDF Download eBook - 81

Learn Cytoskeleton mock test for exam, cytoskeleton MCQ with answers PDF to practice histology worksheet 81 for online certification exam. Practice "Cell Trivia Questions" and answers, cytoskeleton Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for histology. Free cytoskeleton MCQs, ciliary muscles and ciliary layer, hypophysis, kidney, cell membrane, cytoskeleton test prep for online certificate courses.

"The cytoskeleton consist of", cytoskeleton Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices intermediate filament, microfilament, microtubules, and all of above for online bachelor degree programs.

Trivia Quiz on Cytoskeleton PDF Download eBook 81

Cytoskeleton Quiz

MCQ: Cytoskeleton consist of

  1. microfilament
  2. intermediate filament
  3. microtubules
  4. all of above


Cell Membrane Quiz

MCQ: Outermost boundary of a plant cell is known as

  1. cell membrane
  2. plasma membrane
  3. cell wall
  4. plasma lemma


Kidney Quiz

MCQ: In adults, average thickness of glomerular basement membrane is nearly

  1. 200 µm
  2. 300 nm
  3. 300 µm
  4. 300 mm


Hypophysis Quiz

MCQ: Posterior pituitary is further divided into

  1. pars nervosa only
  2. infundibulum only
  3. endoderm
  4. pars nervosa and infundibulum


Ciliary Muscles and Ciliary Layer Quiz

MCQ: Suspensory ligament of lens is formed by combination of the

  1. Fibrillin only
  2. zonular fibers only
  3. endocrine gland
  4. Fibrillin and zonular fibers