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Study Skin multiple choice questions and answers, skin quiz answers PDF 65 to study Histology course online. Integumentary System MCQ trivia questions, Skin Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Skin MCQ" PDF eBook: cardiac muscles, hair, external ear, oral cavity, skin test prep for online degrees.

"The alternative name for the skin is known as" MCQ PDF: integument only, cutis only, epidermis, and cutis and integument for free online college courses. Learn integumentary system questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accelerated bachelors degree online.

Skin Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The alternative name for the skin is known as

cutis only
integument only
cutis and integument

MCQ: The number of the Circumvallate papillae that are present at the back of the oral part of the tongue is about

2 to 5
10 to 11
10 to 14
10 to 15

MCQ: The auditory meatus and the middle ear is separated by the

bony structure of ear
cartilaginous structure of the ear
tympanic membrane

MCQ: The part of the hair that is embedded in the skin is named as

hair bulb

MCQ: The average width of the cardiac muscles is approximately

10 µm
11 µm
12 µm
15 µm