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Adrenal Glands MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook - 59

Solve Adrenal Glands multiple choice questions and answers PDF, adrenal glands quiz answers PDF to learn histology worksheet 59 for online bachelor degree. Practice Endocrine System quiz with answers, adrenal glands Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for histology. Free adrenal glands MCQs, stomach, cytoskeleton, grey-matter and white-matter, cornea, adrenal glands test prep for online undergraduate degree.

"Vacuolated cells of the zona fasciculata are termed as", adrenal glands Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices chondrocytes, spongiocytes, pituicytes, and chromaffin cells for online university courses.

Adrenal Glands PDF Download eBook 59

Adrenal Glands Quiz

MCQ: Vacuolated cells of zona fasciculata are termed as

  1. Spongiocytes
  2. chondrocytes
  3. Pituicytes
  4. chromaffin cells


Cornea Quiz

MCQ: Stroma makes 90% of the

  1. eye thickness
  2. eyeball thickness
  3. corneal thickness
  4. fibroblast


Grey-matter and White-matter Quiz

MCQ: Two types of tissues that are especially present in central nervous system, included

  1. grey matter only
  2. white matter only
  3. soft tissues
  4. grey and white matter


Cytoskeleton Quiz

MCQ: Diameter of microfilament is about

  1. 2-4 nm
  2. 5-7 nm
  3. 4-6 nm
  4. 3-5 nm


Stomach Quiz

MCQ: Fundic gland, included

  1. gastrin and motilin
  2. cholecystokinin and serotonin
  3. secretin and glucagon
  4. all of above