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Hypophysis: Adenohypophysis Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 161

The e-Book Hypophysis Adenohypophysis Quiz Questions, hypophysis adenohypophysis quiz answers PDF download chapter 11-161 to study online histology degree courses. Practice Endocrine System MCQ with answers PDF, Hypophysis Adenohypophysis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Hypophysis: Adenohypophysis Quiz App Download: Free learning app for leukocytes, cerebrum, testes: seminiferous epithelium, spermatozoa, kidney, hypophysis: adenohypophysis test prep for free online college courses.

The Quiz Cells of the pars distalis, stained deeply along a cytoplasm, containing secretory granules, named as: chromophobes, chromophiles, somatotropes and mammotropes with "Hypophysis: Adenohypophysis" App Download (Free) for master of science in histology. Solve endocrine system questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online university classes.

Hypophysis: Adenohypophysis Quiz Questions PDF Download: Test 161

MCQ 801: The cells of the pars distalis, stained deeply along a cytoplasm, containing secretory granules, named as

A) Chromophiles
B) Chromophobes
C) Somatotropes
D) mammotropes

MCQ 802: The thickness of the glomerular basement membrane of the children is about

A) 120 µm
B) 130 µm
C) 140 µm
D) 150 µm

MCQ 803: The anterior side of the sperm has a cap-like structure which is named as

A) acrosome only
B) acrosomal cap only
C) Acrosin
D) acrosome and acrosomal cap

MCQ 804: The number of layers in the Allocortex is about

A) 1 to 3
B) 2 to 5
C) 3 to 5
D) 5 to 7

MCQ 805: The Agranulocytes of the leukocytes that function in the immune system of the body, called as

A) lymphocytes
B) erythrocytes
C) plasma
D) platelets

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