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Global Warming Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 70

Practice Global Warming quiz questions and answers PDF, global warming trivia questions PDF to solve global warming, online global warming worksheet 70 for online mock test. Practice "global village Quiz Questions" with answers, global warming Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for environmental science. Free global warming MCQs, technology for longer term, energy from sun, global warming test prep for online schools that offer certificate programs.

"Perennial ice cover in the Arctic, has been melting at the rate, approximately", global warming Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices 11.5% per decade, 41.5% per decade, 17.5% per decade, and 91.5% per decade for schools that offer certificate programs.

Quiz on Global Warming PDF Download 70

Global Warming Quiz

MCQ: Perennial ice cover in Arctic, has been melting at rate, approximately

  1. 41.5% per decade
  2. 11.5% per decade
  3. 17.5% per decade
  4. 91.5% per decade


Energy from Sun Quiz

MCQ: Cost of energy from solar cells has reduced over past;

  1. 10 Years
  2. 20 Years
  3. 30 Years
  4. 70 Years


Technology for longer term Quiz

MCQ: Fusion power has been produced on earth at level up to:

  1. 10MW
  2. 16MW
  3. 90MW
  4. 30 MW


Global Warming Quiz

MCQ: Logging can cause degradation of;

  1. Land
  2. Oceans
  3. Forests
  4. Coastal aeas


Stabilisation of emissions Quiz

MCQ: In 2000, global emissions from fossil fuel burning have risen by;

  1. 0.1
  2. 0.2
  3. 0.3
  4. 0.4