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Practice Green House Gases Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Green House Gases quiz answers PDF to learn global warming online course for global warming classes. Greenhouse Effect Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Green House Gases quiz questions for online bachelor degree programs. "Green House Gases MCQ" PDF Book: chlorofluorocarbons (cfcs) and ozone, carbon dioxide and carbon cycle, gases with an indirect greenhouse effect test prep for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

"The greenhouse gases that are directly influenced by human activities are:" MCQ PDF: green house gases with choices c, ch4 and o3, n, p and cl, ar, n and nox, and h, o and p for online bachelor degree programs. Learn green house gases quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online schools.

MCQs on Green House Gases Quiz

MCQ: The greenhouse gases that are directly influenced by human activities are:

C, CH4 and O3
N, P and Cl
Ar, N and Nox
H, O and p

MCQ: What does an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contribute?

Global warming
Greenhouse effects
Both b and c

MCQ: Nitrous oxide has contributed about


MCQ: The atmospheric methane concentrations is:


MCQ: The amount of water vopours in the atmosphere does not change; because of

Fossil Fuel
Human Activities