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Major Ecosystems Quiz Questions Online p. 22

Learn Major Ecosystems quiz questions and answers, major ecosystems MCQ with answers PDF 22 to learn Environmental Science online course. Ecosystems trivia questions, Major Ecosystems Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Major Ecosystems Quiz" PDF Book: air pollution, hydrosphere, ecological succession, atmosphere, major ecosystems test prep for online colleges.

"What is the annual precipitation in temperate forest?" MCQ PDF: 75-150cm, 89-99cm, 200-600cm, and 23-78cm for colleges that offer certificate programs. Study ecosystems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online university courses.

Quiz on Major Ecosystems MCQs

MCQ: What is the annual precipitation in temperate forest?


MCQ: What helps the atmosphere hooked up to the earth ?

Magnetic rays
Electromagnetic Radiations
All of above

MCQ: The balanced stability and existence of all organism in the environment is known as

Ecological community
Dis-Climax community
Climax Community

MCQ: What causes gases to dissolve in the atmosphere?


MCQ: Mist' and 'spray' are

Liquid particulates
Solid particulates
Air pollution
Dust particles

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