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Centre of Gravity MCQ with Answers PDF

Centre of Gravity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Centre of Gravity quiz answers PDF with sat physics career tests for online courses. Practice turning effects of forces Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Centre of Gravity quiz questions for employment assessment test. Centre of Gravity MCQ PDF: principle of moments, moments test prep for job placement test.

"In a meter rule, when the pivot is at the 50 cm mark, the ruler is" MCQ PDF on centre of gravity with choices balance, unbalanced, vertical, and at to-and-fro position for employment assessment test. Practice centre of gravity quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online colleges enrolling.

MCQs on Centre of Gravity Quiz

MCQ: In a meter rule, when the pivot is at the 50 cm mark, the ruler is

at to-and-fro position

MCQ: The center of gravity of an object depends on the distribution of its


MCQ: If we place the pivot at a special position, its weight causes

turning effect
no turning effect
some energy

MCQ: The center of gravity of an object is usually located in the region where

more mass is concentrated
less mass is concentrated
no mass is concentrated
none of the above

MCQ: When the object is pivoted at a corner, its weight causes

turning effect
no turning effect
some energy

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