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Periodic Trends in Properties of the Elements MCQ with Answers PDF p. 29

Periodic Trends in Properties of the Elements multiple choice questions and answers, periodic trends in properties of the elements quiz answers PDF 29 to learn SAT Chemistry course for college certification. Learn Descriptive Chemistry MCQ trivia questions, periodic trends in properties of the elements Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Periodic Trends in Properties of the Elements MCQ PDF: colligative properties, intermolecular forces in liquids and solids, periodic trends in properties of the elements test prep for SAT practice test.

"The charge which is present on an element in a compound is called its" MCQ PDF with choices melting point, boiling point, oxidation state, and metallic character to apply to colleges online. Solve descriptive chemistry questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for SAT practice test.

Periodic Trends in Properties of the Elements Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The charge which is present on an element in a compound is called its

Boiling point
Melting point
Oxidation state
Metallic character

MCQ: Crystalline solids have arrangement of atoms, ions and molecules


MCQ: Atomic radius decreases from left to right in the period due to

Increase in atomic number
Same Number of shells
Same shielding effect
All of above

MCQ: Which of the following has maximum freezing point

1m Urea
1m NaCl
1m CaCl2

MCQ: Which is the most common extractor?

Volatile product
Solvent extraction

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