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Nervous System of Mammals Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook 109

Practice Nervous System of Mammals quiz questions and answers, nervous system of mammals MCQs with answers PDF to solve SAT biology worksheet 109 for online graduate programs. College board SAT preparation with "Nervous System in Mammals" quiz questions with answers, nervous system of mammals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve college board biology quiz questions with answers. Free nervous system of mammals MCQs, career aptitude test on nutrients in food, sexual reproduction in flowering plants, what are enzymes, photosynthesis, nervous system of mammals test prep for online colleges enrolling.

"The conditioned reflex action is originally", nervous system of mammals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices effective, ineffective, constant, and disturbed for free SAT prep classes. Learn nervous system in mammals questions and answers with free online certification courses for online college admission.

Quiz on Nervous System of Mammals PDF Download eBook

Nervous System of Mammals Quiz

MCQ: The conditioned reflex action is originally

  1. Ineffective
  2. Effective
  3. Constant
  4. Disturbed


Photosynthesis Quiz

MCQ: The factor that affects the photosynthesis is

  1. humidity
  2. gravity
  3. atmospheric pressure
  4. temperature


What Are Enzymes Quiz

MCQ: Biological catalysts made of proteins are

  1. competitive inhibitor
  2. enzyme
  3. biochemical
  4. chemical reactant


Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Quiz

MCQ: Nectar secreted by the flower collects at the bottom of

  1. Carpels
  2. Stamen
  3. Stigma
  4. Sepals


Nutrients in Food Quiz

MCQ: Starch in the presence of amylase is converted into large chain of

  1. maltose
  2. glucose
  3. sucrose
  4. lactose