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Osmosis MCQ with Answers PDF Download

Osmosis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve osmosis quiz answers PDF worksheet, SAT biology test for online courses. Practice sat biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Osmosis" quiz questions PDF for free career quiz. Learn introduction to biology, osmosis test prep for college admission test.

"Mushrooms, toadstools belongs to group" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on osmosis with choices plantae, fungi, animalia, and protoctista for free career quiz. Solve osmosis quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for graduate school interview questions.

MCQs on Osmosis PDF Download

MCQ: Turgor pressure is responsible for folding of leaflets of

  1. Eleusine coracana
  2. Eleusine coracana
  3. Oryza sativa
  4. mimosa plant


MCQ: In plants turgor pressure is a pressure exerted by water on

  1. cell membrane
  2. cell wall
  3. nuclear membrane
  4. nucleus


MCQ: In plant cells water enters by

  1. osmosis
  2. water potential
  3. turgor
  4. diffusion


MCQ: The term isotonic only applies on

  1. flame cell
  2. nerve cell
  3. animal cell
  4. hydra cell


MCQ: Movement of water is always

  1. from lower potential to upper one
  2. down the potential gradient
  3. floating potential gradient
  4. from higher potential to higher potential