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Acceleration: O Level Physics Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 28

Acceleration O Level Physics quiz questions and answers, acceleration o level physics MCQ with answers PDF 28 to study O Level Physics course online. Speed, Velocity and Acceleration trivia questions, acceleration o level physics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Acceleration: O Level Physics " Book PDF: gravity: o level physics, heat capacity: physics, melting and solidification, specific heat capacity, acceleration: o level physics test prep for colleges that offer certificate programs.

"Negative acceleration is also known as" MCQ PDF: relaxation, retardation, escalation, and all of the above for online college courses. Practice speed, velocity and acceleration questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for ACT test.

Quiz on Acceleration: O Level Physics MCQs

MCQ: Negative acceleration is also known as

All of the above

MCQ: Specific heat capacity of mercury is

120 J kg-1 °C-1
140 J kg-1 °C-1
160 J kg-1 °C-1
180 J kg-1 °C-1

MCQ: In the process of solidification, thermal energy is

taken in
given out
neither given out nor taken in
thermal energy isn't needed

MCQ: Formula for specific heat capacity is

h = Δθ/m, where m is mass
q = m/Δθ where m is mass
c = 1/h(Δθ)
c = 1/m(Q/Δθ)

MCQ: When the pivot is adjusted at 50 cm in a meter rule, the rule will

be balanced
be unbalanced
turn slowly