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Biomes and Distribution Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 207

Biomes and Distribution interview questions and answers, biomes and distribution trivia questions PDF 207 to learn online Environmental Management course for online classes. Biosphere MCQ questions, Biomes and Distribution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Biomes and Distribution" MCQ Questions PDF: tectonic activity, land pollution: industries and urban areas, causes of land pollution, earth, rocks and minerals, biomes and distribution test prep for accredited online colleges.

"Why the roots of the savanna trees are long tap roots?" MCQ PDF: absorb nutrients, store water, to support the tree, and all of them for colleges that offer online classes. Study biosphere questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online schools that offer certificate programs.

Trivia Quiz on Biomes and Distribution MCQs

MCQ: Why the roots of the savanna trees are long tap roots?

Store water
Absorb nutrients
to support the tree
All of them

MCQ: Granite and Basalt are two common examples of

Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Igneous Rocks
Granite Rock

MCQ: What is the percentage of irrigated land in Syria affected by salinization?


MCQ: Name the major crops of Pakistan?

Sugar cane, Wheat, Rice and Cotton
Potatoes, Corn
Maize and Grain
All of them

MCQ: Coniferous forests has low biodiversity than

Tropical Rain Forest
Cool temperate