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Stomata and Functions Quiz Answers PDF - 3

The Book Stomata and Functions Quiz Questions and Answers, stomata and functions Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 13-3 to download online biology degree courses. Study Nutrition in Plants MCQ Questions PDF, stomata and functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Stomata and Functions Quiz App Download: stomata and functions, red blood cells and haemoglobin, mode of action of heart, gastric juice, circulatory system test prep for free online college courses.

The Quiz: Guard cells of stoma are PDF, "Stomata and Functions" App (Android & iOS) Free with convex in shape, irregular in shape, long and cylindrical in shape, and kidney-shaped choices for online colleges for science. Practice nutrition in plants questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for SAT test prep classes.

Biology Quiz Online: Stomata & Functions MCQs PDF Download - 3

MCQ: Guard cells of stoma are

A) irregular in shape
B) convex in shape
C) long and cylindrical in shape
D) kidney-shaped

MCQ: Special kind of protein containing iron is called as

A) hormones
B) hemoglobin
C) fibrinogen
D) globulins

MCQ: In the cardiac system, systole means

A) a "lub" sound
B) ventricular relaxation
C) closure of semilunar valves
D) a "dub" sound

MCQ: The pH of succus entericus is

A) below 7
B) neutral
C) above 7
D) depending upon the type of food to be digested

MCQ: Pulmonary veins carry

A) red oxygenated blood
B) bluish red deoxygenated blood
C) deoxygenated blood from heart to the lungs
D) oxygenated blood from lungs to heart

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