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Practice Food Chain and Web Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Food Chain and Web quiz answers PDF to study o level biology course for o level biology online classes. Ecology: O level Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Food Chain and Web quiz questions for online degree programs. Food Chain and Web Book PDF: parasitism: malarial pathogen, biotic and abiotic environment, physical environment: water test prep for ACT subject tests.

"Food chain and food web is made up of" MCQ PDF: food chain and web App APK with trophic levels, ecological niche, ecological community, and community choices for online degree programs. Learn food chain and web quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online bachelor degree programs.

MCQ on Food Chain and Web Quiz

MCQ: Food chain and food web is made up of

trophic levels
ecological niche
ecological community

MCQ: Each stage in food chain is called a/an

photon level
phantom level
trophic level
energy level

MCQ: In a food chain, organisms

feed on preceding one only
provides food for succeeding organisms only
provide more energy for the next trophic level
feed on preceding one and provides food for succeeding organisms

MCQ: Trophic level refers to the

axis around the earth
stage in an ecological niche
stage in a food chain
energy level in a food web

MCQ: Any part of the Earth where life can exist is known as