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The e-Book Blood Clotting Quiz Questions and Answers, blood clotting Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 7-31 to study online medical biochemistry degree programs. Solve Plasma Proteins MCQ Questions PDF, Blood Clotting Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Blood Clotting Trivia App Download: Free learning app for recommended dietary allowances, importance of blood, oxidative phosphorylation, jaundice, blood clotting test prep .

The Quiz An oral anticoagulant that is the antagonist of vitamin K is named as: protein c, warfarin, plasmin and prothrombin with "Blood Clotting" App Download (Android & iOS) Free . Study plasma proteins questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample .

Blood Clotting Trivia Questions PDF Download: Quiz 31

MCQ 151: An oral anticoagulant that is the antagonist of vitamin K is named as

A) Warfarin
B) Protein C
C) Plasmin
D) Prothrombin

MCQ 152: The clinical concentration the is characterized by the yellow colour of the sclera of the eye is termed as

A) Yellow fever
B) Plague
C) Jaundice
D) Gangue

MCQ 153: Malate-aspartate shuttle is utilized by

A) Oxidases
B) Dehydrogenases
C) Hydroperoxidases
D) Oxygenases

MCQ 154: The liquid medium of the blood is termed as

A) Serum
B) Plasma
C) Proteins
D) Cytoplasm

MCQ 155: The recommended dietary allowance of ascorbic acid is

A) 400 g
B) 70 g
C) 56 g
D) 60 mg

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