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Structure of Proteins MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Structure of Proteins Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), structure of proteins quiz answers PDF worksheet, MCAT test for online courses. Practice protein structure Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Structure of Proteins" quiz questions and answers for free career test. Learn protein structure test prep for MCAT classes online.

"A slight change in a single amino acid in polypeptide chain results in" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on structure of proteins with choices mutation, genetic code, polymerization, and replication for free career test. Practice structure of proteins quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for university entrance exam.

MCQs on Structure of Proteins PDF Download eBook

MCQ: A slight change in a single amino acid in polypeptide chain results in

  1. Mutation
  2. genetic code
  3. polymerization
  4. Replication


MCQ: In the peptide chain the alpha helix is secured by

  1. sulfur linkage
  2. amide group
  3. carboxyl group
  4. hydrogen bonding


MCQ: The coiling and folding of polypeptide chain gives us

  1. 1° structure
  2. 2° structure
  3. 3° structure
  4. 4° structure


MCQ: 2° structure of proteins is of

  1. only one type
  2. three types
  3. two types
  4. four types


MCQ: The alpha-helix structure was discovered by

  1. ?Linus Pauling,?Robert Corey
  2. Herman Branson
  3. both A and B
  4. Miller and Harley