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Radian to Degree Conversion MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Download eBook

Practice Radian to Degree Conversion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), radian to degree conversion quiz answers PDF worksheet, math test for online courses. Solve fundamentals of trigonometry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Radian to Degree Conversion" quiz questions and answers for ACT test prep classes. Learn college math, measurements conversion, radian to degree conversion test prep for online bachelor degree programs.

"16°40′38″ =" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on radian to degree conversion with choices 17°, 16°, 60038′, and 60038′ for ACT test prep classes. Solve radian to degree conversion quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for college entrance exams.

MCQs on Radian to Degree Conversion PDF Download eBook

MCQ: 16°40′38″ =

  1. 17°
  2. 16°
  3. 60038′
  4. 60038″


MCQ: (22 1/2)° =

  1. π/2 radians
  2. π/4 radians
  3. π/8 radians
  4. 180π radians


MCQ: If l and r are in cms, then the unit of θ is in

  1. radians
  2. degrees
  3. cm²
  4. None of Above


MCQ: The central angle of an arc of a circle whose length is equal to the radius of the circle is called the

  1. degree
  2. radian
  3. minute
  4. second


MCQ: π radians =

  1. 360°
  2. 360′
  3. 180°
  4. 180′