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Data Types and Structural Programming Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 54

Learn Data Types and Structural Programming trivia questions and answers, data types and structural programming worksheets with answers PDF 54 to practice Computer Fundamentals exam questions for online classes. Practice Programming Languages and Style MCQ questions, data types and structural programming Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Data Types and Structural Programming Quizzes PDF: operating systems, control statements, data processing manager, backing stores, data types and structural programming test prep for CS major.

"In the line '200 IF NAME$="***" THEN Average= Total Mark/N' of BASIC program, the NAME$ is classified as", data types and structural programming Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices string constant, string variable, rational string, and irrational string for online computer science engineering. Learn programming languages and style questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college classes.

Trivia Quiz on Data Types & Structural Programming MCQs

MCQ: In the line '200 IF NAME$="***" THEN Average= Total Mark/N' of BASIC program, the NAME$ is classified as

string variable
string constant
rational string
irrational string

MCQ: In hard discs, collection of seek time, transfer time and rotational delay is equal to

processing time
storage time
access time
delay time

MCQ: Analyst with approved report helps in implementing

new system
new data
new terminal
new terminator

MCQ: Third component in algorithms is classified as

data repetition
statement repetition
stating order of operations

MCQ: Several programs run at the same time and storage is shared especially in

mainframe computers
inquiry computers
dump computers

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