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International Labor Organization Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 64

International Labor Organization quiz questions and answers, international labor organization MCQs with answers PDF 64 to practice General Knowledge mock tests for online college programs. Practice International Organizations trivia questions, international labor organization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. International Labor Organization Quiz PDF: ballistic missile, sir alexander fleming, unicef, moon facts, international labor organization test prep for tricky trivia questions.

"Headquarter of 'International Labor Organization' is located in" MCQ PDF with choices rome, geneva, france, and tokyo to learn free online courses. Practice international organizations questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for easy enrollment online colleges.

Quiz on International Labor Organization MCQs

MCQ: Headquarter of 'International Labor Organization' is located in


MCQ: The diameter of the Earth's natural satellite Moon is

3,575 km
3,475 km
3,675 km
3,375 km

MCQ: The organization provide long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries is

World Bank

MCQ: Sir Alexander Fleming, shared the Nobel Prize with

Max Born
Ernst Boris Chain
Howard Florey
both b and c

MCQ: World's first long range ballistic missile'V-2 Rocket' was invented in


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