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Ernest Rutherford MCQ Questions and Answers PDF - 180

The e-Book Ernest Rutherford MCQ Questions, ernest rutherford quiz answers PDF download, test 180 to learn online general knowledge degree programs. Solve Famous Scientists Test PDF, Ernest Rutherford Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Ernest Rutherford MCQ Quiz App Download: Free certification app for max born, cell division, uranus facts, food and agriculture organization, ernest rutherford test prep for college admission test.

The MCQ Quiz British physicist, Ernest Rutherford, won the Nobel Prize in: biology, geology, chemistry and physics with "Ernest Rutherford" App APK Download (Free) to enroll in online colleges. Study famous scientists questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for college admission test.

General Knowledge Tests Online: Ernest Rutherford Quiz PDF Download - 180

MCQ 896: British physicist, Ernest Rutherford, won the Nobel Prize in

A) Geology
B) Biology
C) Chemistry
D) Physics

MCQ 897: Name of organization which is also a member of Food and Agriculture Organization is

B) International Finance Corporation
C) European Union
D) World Food Programme

MCQ 898: Surface temperature of planet Uranus is

A) −185 °C
B) −175 °C
C) −165 °C
D) −197 °C

MCQ 899: In multicellular organisms, the haploid cells serves as

A) flagella
B) gametes
C) ribosome
D) centrosome

MCQ 900: Nobel Prize winning scientist wrote a popular science book named

A) Atomic Physics
B) Mechanical Physics
C) The Restless Universe
D) Kinematics

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