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FAQ: General Knowledge Test Practice Exam PDF Download eBook p. 18

Learn FAQ: General knowledge test practice exam to solve college courses test 18 for medical and nursing interview questions. General knowledge test practice exam to solve general knowledge quiz with answers for college entrance test.

"Circumference of earth was first calculated by", general knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices james watt, james prescott joule, stephen king, and eratosthema for college entrance exams. Learn circunference of earth questions and answers with free online certification courses for college entrance examination.

Quiz on General Knowledge Test Practice Exam Worksheet PDF Download eBook 18

General Knowledge Test Practice Exam

MCQ: The circumference of Earth was first calculated by

  1. James Prescott joule
  2. James Watt
  3. Stephen King
  4. Eratosthema


Quiz on General Knowledge GK Questions & Answers

MCQ: The approximate surface temperature on the sunlight side of the Earth is

  1. 17°C
  2. 23°C
  3. 31°C
  4. 0°C


General Knowledge MCQs with Answers 2017

MCQ: Distance of the Equator from poles is around

  1. 12.15 km
  2. 745,25km
  3. 10,236km
  4. 36,005km


General Knowledge Test with Answers

MCQ: The speed of rotation of the Earth is around

  1. 9.72 km/sec
  2. 15km/sec
  3. 23km/sec
  4. 43.5km/sec


General Knowledge Facts about Human Body

MCQ: The equatorial diameter of the Earth is approximately

  1. 4,127km
  2. 15,517 km
  3. 12,513km
  4. 17,226km