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FAQ: Engineering Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers p. 18

Practice "Engineering Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers" quiz PDF to solve mathematics courses test 18 for gre mathematics certification. Engineering mathematics objective questions and answers to solve engg math quiz with answers for undergraduate engineering schools.

"Vector has a tip which is called its" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices critical point, initial point, terminal point, and final point for college entrance test. Learn vector differential calculus questions and answers with free online certification courses for engineering graduate colleges.

Quiz on Engineering Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers Worksheet 18

Engineering Mathematics Objective Questions and Answers

MCQ: Vector has a tip which is called its

  1. initial point
  2. critical point
  3. terminal point
  4. final point


Study guide on First Order Differential Equations

MCQ: Operation of writing column as rows and rows as column is termed as

  1. derivation
  2. integration
  3. transportation
  4. inversion


Advanced Math Problems and Solutions

MCQ: Equation that can be transformed into a separable equation by a change of variables is called

  1. homogeneous
  2. non homogeneous
  3. non linear
  4. None of these


Pre Employment Math Test for Engineering Jobs

MCQ: Division is the inverse operation of

  1. addition
  2. subtraction
  3. multiplication
  4. inversion


Differential Equations Final Exam with Solutions

MCQ: Method which gives the solution in power series, multiplied by logarithmic term or fractional power is called

  1. Frobenus method
  2. Laplace method
  3. Logarithmic method
  4. Linear method